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Doin’ it BUBBA STYLE! Custom Cars, TV Stars, Old Town Charm

11 Jun


Most geniuses I meet wear a suit and have a snazzy set of initials after their name. This modern day Albert Einstein, goes by the name Bubba, no fancy suit, just a normal young man who happens to be the youngest ASE Certified Master Technician with one of the highest rated shows on cable. I suppose it does not hurt that Bubba is not bad on the eyes either.

Bubba was born 7/28 and from as early as age 4, he showed a strong aptitude for cars. At age 7, his father, Tom Lloyd, made a choice many parents are tasked with, believing in your children. Tom took on a part time job at Advanced Auto and would often take Bubba with him to expose him to the industry. By age 8, Bubba was awarded his Doctorate of Motors and would continue to show just what a child can accomplish with the right prodding. He was inducted into the Gusiness World Book of Records for holding the premier distinction of being the youngest ASE Certified Technician.

When Bubba was 15, he told his dad he wanted to open a hot rod shop. Tom was working downtown as an accountant making 125,000 a year, stable job with benefits. Yet he did not hesitate to walk away from that and help Bubba realize his dream.  He took a job at an auto shop that paid significantly less than 125K a year but by the time Bubba was 19, he became the World’s youngest ASE Certified Master Technician.

So how is working for your son, who happens to be a tv star and master mechanic? Tom replied: “No fighting or arguing. Yeah sometimes I yell at situations but never at my son. We build for everyone and I’m a blessed man.” Now I know where Bubba gets his good looks, smarts, and humble personality. Truly a father and son team.

Bubba walks right up to me and says “hey don’t I know you,” what a charmer.  Given that his business is certainly a stand out, I asked him who he felt was his closest competitor?” He replied, “no one as everything is done here.” Something that clearly sets him apart from the others. The shop was opened in 2003 with only $2500. Bubba further explained that there was never a job he didn’t feel he could do and loves a challenge.

Bubba’s Custom Cars, boasts an old town charm that is replicated in the vintage décor.  From Coca-Cola collectible to a miniature jukebox, its like a blast from past only they still provide the modern accessories like rims and music systems. The shop is situated next to the proposed Kitty Poser Park, which currently is a gravel parking lot next to Fire Station #3 restaurant. A new park will replace it. The new park is slated to have a concert area, markets, and street fair, ice skating rink and a splash fountain. All they need is a drive in movie theatre and I’d pack my poodle skirt and saddle shoes quicker than a New York minute.

While Bubba has high profile clients like a good friend of my friend, James Brown of CBS Sports, they are very active in local community. Bubba’s frequently does tours with children to encourage them to stay in school. When I snapped a picture of Bubba using a saw, it reminded me of why math, science, and art are so important in the early years.

The rest of the shop members that I was fortunate to meet were equally awesome. Diesel, an English Bull Dog is the official mascot of the shop. What a beauty their Pinstripe and Pinup Model Layla Von Athey is. Her work has been featured worldwide and was mentored by pinstripe legends such as East Coast Artie and Tramp. I hugged her and thanked for representing beauty and brains! Rob the office manager was so polite and gave me a nice pre-tour of the shop.

The shop features a studio and in 2009, Bubbas Custom Cars won a Silver Telly Award for their tv show.  They started with 15 million homes a week and the new show  is projected to reach 80 million homes, not bad. Opening a new shop in FL, expect more locations in the future as this guys have a bright future and I truly thank for letting me hang out with them. Tom promised to invite me to the viewing parties, can’t wait  🙂

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Bubbas East Coast Rods & Customs Phone: (703)766-0295
9494 Fairfax Blvd. Fax: (703)766-0327
Fairfax, VA 22031
Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm EST

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