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Dear World, I Have a Story to Tell.

1 Jun
Waiting on the World to Change

Waiting on the World to Change

They say fake it to you make it.
Showtime, One leg, watch me break it
Coming through with the news like special delivery.
Its been a long night, @#4+#@+ pardon my obsenties.
I just heard gunshots, car was park like Yosemite. This words come from the pit of me, like an ephinany.
Bullets rang, glad they wasn’t sent for me.

So I walk carefully when I rather stroll cheerifully Thank GOD everyday for the air I breathe. Lovelorn at living in a war zone, communities under seige.
We should love each other, not kill our brothers, doesn’t we agree?

So I paint a picture in richer hues, subtle clues of I need the world to see.
Mothers with tears in their eyes, fathers on one knee, asking why they kill my baby. Could have easily been you or me, someone in our family. Imagine gradually, trying to tell a child, in the simplest terms about casualties. Now even a winner of the Academy could have pull off that masterpiece.

My eyes may well, my voice may quiver. But trust me I’m not quitter, I have to protect Atianda and her little sister.

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